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Fresh garbage rooms without odour and cooling.

Garbage rooms, waste separation rooms, recycling rooms and local waste collection rooms often have problems with

disturbing odours.

At the same time, waste and garbage collection takes place more irregularly than before and at greater intervals, which also increases the risk of hygiene and odour problems.


How much ozone is needed and how long the production should be up depends on the volume of the room and how big the problem is. The treatment time can vary, but in a garbage room where it smells constantly, the treatment can be carried out around the clock. ACT-3000 is easy to use and the operating cost is minimal.

ACT-3000 is developed and manufactured in Sweden by Ozonetech. The large custom-made system solutions for air and water purification are found worldwide in industries, wastewater treatment plants, yeast factories, pharmaceutical industries, breweries, greenhouses and shopping centers. Ozonetech is fast growing and multiple award-winning.

ACT-3000 / 3000P is developed for professional cleaning and disinfection in industry, service sector and municipal operations.

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