Air Care


EcoFresh is easy to install, safe and requires no electricity. Our replaceable non-pressurised cartridges contains absolutely no CFCs, VOCs or propellants that are harmful to you and the environment, using only the power of oxygen to deliver long lasting natural fragrance. Contact us for the full list of pure plant oil fragrances and specific malodours eliminators ( tobacco smoke, sewage, cooking). 
100% No Aerosols. 

Air-Con Film

Similar to Air-Con Block, the film is suitable for smaller air-con units (placed in vents) and smaller areas. Made of pure tea tree oil. Easy application. 


100% Environmentally Friendly and contains no harmful chemicals.

EcoFresh Pro

Our largest cartridge, this dispenser contains 35 ML of pure fragrance oil – which is approximately 7 times more oil than a standard metered aerosol can. This allows the fragrance intensity to be user selected for 30 days

( strong ), 60 days ( normal ), or 90 days ( mild ).

100% No Aerosols. 




Bio-Care™ Odour Elimination Film is a controlled release product placed in air conditioning units to eliminate specific odours.​ The following Odour Elimination Films are available:

Elimination of Sewage Odours

Elimination of Cooking Odours

Elimination of Smoke

Bio-Care™ Odour Elimination Films are also Halal Certified. 

100% Environmentally Friendly and contains no harmful chemicals.

Air-Con Block

Air-Con Block is a controlled release product for cleaning and disinfecting condensate drain pans in commercial cooling systems. Developed to prevent and eradicate mould growth, airborne bacteria and viruses through the release of pure tea tree oil. 
Air-Con Block is the ideal product for use in sensitive environments with children, recovering patients and the elderly.

100% Environmentally Friendly and contains no harmful chemicals.

Simple, reliable, cost-effective and safe solutions which efficiently eradicates bacteria and malodours - ensuring a fresh-smelling and safe environment for everyone. 

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