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magic fibre

Oil absorbent material for grease traps

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Oil Absorbent Material. 

The oil absorbent material is made from Magic Fiber (micro polypropylene fiber).
By making microfibers into sheets -fibers with high lipophilicity -they can absorb and retain large amounts of oil within a short period of time. This is particularly useful for grease traps.


Dramatically improves the cleaning work of grease traps in f&b outlets!

This Magic Fibre can be used for grease traps located in restaurants and hotels. Efficient, economical and convenient, the Magic Fibre facilitates the quick absorption of only oil - leaving solely liquids which can be flushed safely without risk of blockages in pipes. The use of the Magic Fibre not only drastically improves, simplifies and reduces the time taken in the cleaning of grease traps but also helps in the maintenance of grease traps in the long run. 

Before the use of magic fibre
after the use of magic fibre

Outstanding oil absorbent power, which is about 50 times* of its own weight.*

High water repellent capability and only absorbs oil (while repelling water).

Useable even

when torn.



Can be used by tearing and changing shape.

※ Based on in-house test. Results will vary depending on different conditions such as user environment, status and oil stains.

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