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Cleaning and Toilet Care

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Cleaning Care


UriClear is a unique and easy to use drain opener, formulated to swiftly act against and dissolve most clogged materials in your drainage system. It is a safe to use fast-acting, removing soap-film, lime grease and hair in minutes. UriClear does not have any adverse effects on most metals, plastics and surfaces. UriClear can be used on a regular basis for preventive maintenance.​

Cleaning Care


An all natural solution which sanitises and disinfects effectively, leaving only sparkling clean surfaces and mild pine fragrance. Suitable for all types of floor finishes. 


Cleaning Care

Deep Clean

The patent-pending formulation in Deep Clean Complete Oil Remove
instantly cleans the floor by removing surface oils, while the beneficial microorganisms penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces to degrade a wide range of embedded residual organic oils- breaking down even the most resistant grease, keeping the floor truly deep-clean and odour free.

Cleaning Care


Biowater+ contains no colour compounds, is non-sticky, foamless and odourless during use. It is the perfect cleaning agent for sensitive environments such as F&B outlets,

Food Manufacturing Factories, Childcare Centres and Schools and Hospitals.

Sanitise and eliminate bacteria, clogged pipes and foul odours in washrooms and surfaces for a comfortable and clean environment.

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