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At Bio-Care™, we are the leading sewer and waste management company in Singapore, helping businesses of all kinds and sizes with ensuring that their pipes and drains are all operating properly and smoothly.

​Along with our kitchen & toilet floortrap choke clearing in services Singapore, we also offer a broad range of services as well — including commercial grease traps for restaurants and kitchen and sewer pipe flushing.

With our dedication to delivering the best results to each of our clients, Bio-Care™ have become known as the go-to destination for sewer and waste management services in Singapore.

To schedule an appointment or to make an enquiry about the broad range of services that we can offer you, the friendly team at Bio-Care™ are always here to help. 


Blk 3023 #05-21
Ubi Road 3 Ubiplex I
Singapore 408663

Tel : (65) 67480877 (24 Hours)
Fax : (65) 67494588

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