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Get your gym members energised with fresh air, uplifting scents and ensure the safety of members with clean, dry surfaces. 

Get your gym members to work even harder at the gym by providing them with a welcoming, clean, safe &

fresh-smelling environment.

Bio-Care provides a revolutionary suite of products that are ideal for use in fitness centres/gyms, changing rooms and washrooms.

Suitable PRODUCTS 

Bio-Care™ Ecofresh air purification

Ideal for any size. 100% Safe with NO Aerosols. No Electricity needed and no tricky wires. Pure fragance oil is released continuously without timer. Cost-efficient and highly effective in eliminating odors instead of masking them. Very effective in eliminating smell of urine, feces, body odor, tobacco, pet malador, kitchen odor, mould, mildew etc.
Specific maladors eliminators with low fragrance are available too - for example, the elimination of tobacco smells from your hotel rooms and the prevention of allowing odors as such to enter other family-friendly areas.  Our cartridges with low fragrances are perfect for cafes and restaurants too. 


Bio-Care™ air films

Our Air Films purifies the air in enclosed indoor spaces, by combating airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mold spores, through the controlled release of pure Tea Tree Oil, renowned for their natural, powerful
antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Our films are cost-efficient and easy to install and are placed in air-con vents. 100% safe. 


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Bio-Care™ air-con blocks

With hotels being fully air-conditioned, our Air-Con Block is a controlled release product for cleaning and disinfecting condensate drain pans in commercial cooling systems. Since air is constantly carried across the drain pan, bacteria and mould spores is transferred into the air stream, causing allergies and health problems to the occupants of the room. Apart from cleaning and disinfection of the condensate drain pan, Air-Con Block also eradicates airborne bacteria, viruses and mould
spores in the air, during the first 3 days of application. 


Ideal for both male & female washrooms. Uriclear eliminates foul odors at its source by getting rid of deposits such as soap-film, scale, lime/calcium build-up, grease & hair. Uriclear can be used on a regular basis for preventive maintenance.
No harmful chemicals and 100% safe. 


Deep Clean Complete Oil Remove is effective on surfaces such as floors or walls for a long-lasting clean by instantly removing grease and grime and helps provide in-depth odor control. It also penetrates deep into the pores of surfaces and enhances long-lasting cleaning effect for an extended period of time resulting in floors being oil-free (anti-skid) and fresh smelling.


Our Bio-blocks prevents the clogging of your kitchen drain lines, grease traps and urinals - ensuring that such issues which causes foul smells and will not put a damper on guests' moods and your online reviews. 100% safe and organic.

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