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Working towards a zero food waste environment. 

Here at Bio-Care, we are working towards reducing food waste in Singapore for a cleaner and healthier earth. 


In 2018, Singapore produced 763,000 tonnes of food waste, but only 17% of this was recycled and from 2024, Large hotels, malls, caterers in Singapore are required to segregate all food waste.


With our easy-to-use, compact Biodigesters machines, you can reduce food waste efficiently and turn them into compost within 24 hours.


- No foul odours. 

- Compost all types of food waste including bones/shells, food production waste, compostable packaging and garden waste. 

- No secondary segregation needed

- Low operating expenses (no daily or monthly additives needed)

- Dry and ready-to-use output (compost) 

Dry and ready to use compost.

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